Collibra Architekt-1555 (All Genders)


  • Collibra Architect is responsible to maintain and further improve the platform as well as onboard and maintain data sources in Collibra.
  • They perform design and configuration workshops
  • They are expert resource for: workflows, reports/dashboards, API connectors.
  • In addition, they provide best practice implementation guidance


  • Interact with internal teams to develop and maintain standardized business data definitions, business rules and other business Meta Data attributes.
  • Build and maintain data dictionary documenting key data elements across domains.
  • Establish data lineage from data consumption to authoritative data sources.
  • Monitor and ensure consistent use of Collibra
  • Monitor consistent use of data operating processes through definition of metrics and standards.
  • Maintain and evolve Collibra to fulfil user requirements, including defining workshops, onboarding new source systems, maintaining, and defining assets, etc.
  • Provide trainings on Collibra to end-users


  • Start: nach Absprache
  • Dauer: 12 Monate++
  • Inländer bevorzugt

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